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When your plumbing acts up, like a pipe bursting and flooding your home or your water heater going haywire, you don't want to struggle to find help. Providence Plumbing is here for you in Lake Park, NC. Our expert plumbers fix things quickly and efficiently, so you can relax when you need it most.

Providence Plumbing is a licensed, full-service plumbing company operating in both North and South Carolina. We take pride in offering our expertise to the esteemed Lake Park community. Our comprehensive services encompass plumbing maintenance, repair, and sewer/drain cleaning.

Life has a way of surprising us with unexpected challenges, and plumbing emergencies are no different. When a burst pipe, a clogged toilet, or a sump pump failure occurs, it's not just an inconvenience - it can lead to substantial damage if not swiftly resolved. That's where our team of dedicated emergency plumbers comes into play. Providence Plumbing, proudly serving the Lake Park community since 2018, specializes in providing 24/7 residential and commercial plumbing services. We're here to ensure your plumbing problems are addressed promptly and effectively.

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Our Emergency Plumbing Services Include:

Sump Pump Repair

Your Reliable Partner in Plumbing Emergencies

In the face of plumbing emergencies, Providence Plumbing is the one you can truly rely on in Lake Park. We proudly claim the title of the preferred option for emergency plumbing services, and it's not without reason. Our exceptional service, immediate response, and the expertise of our highly skilled plumbers set us apart. Don't let plumbing woes disrupt your life; make the smart choice and reach out to us. Experience service that not only gets the job done but ensures it's done right from the get-go.

Burst Pipe Repair

The occurrence of a burst pipe has the potential to cause significant water damage to your property. Fortunately, our team of proficient plumbers possesses the expertise required to precisely locate and repair burst pipes. In doing so, they not only prevent the exacerbation of damages but also ensure minimal disruptions to your daily routines.

Water Heater Repair

The interruption in your daily routine caused by a malfunctioning hot water heater is a matter of concern. Whether you possess a gas or electric water heater, our team of experts is proficient in the accurate diagnosis and resolution of any water heater-related issues. This encompasses tasks such as the replacement of heating elements and meticulous thermostat adjustments, all undertaken with the utmost dedication to ensuring that you are spared from the discomfort of unexpectedly cold water.

Drain Cleaning

Dealing with clogged drains can be a real hassle, often resulting in unpleasant odors and frustratingly slow drainage. It's a situation that can put a damper on your daily life. But fret not, because our drain cleaning services are here to tackle the toughest clogs. We employ state-of-the-art techniques that not only eliminate obstructions but also restore the proper flow of water. This meticulous approach ensures that your pipes remain in excellent condition, free from the worries of clogs and odors.

Leak Detection and Repair

Picture this: hidden leaks lurking in your pipes, causing havoc behind the scenes. They may seem innocent, but over time, they can unleash extensive damage. It's a sneaky problem, but we've got the solution. Our plumbers wield modern tools like detectives to track down and repair those elusive leaks. By doing so, we not only save your home from potential structural disasters but also put a stop to the menace of mold growth.

Water Cleanup Solutions

Flooded basements and water-damaged interiors are nightmares born from plumbing mishaps or the forces of nature. The key to mitigating this disaster is swift and efficient water cleanup, a mission Providence Plumbing excels in. With their state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled expertise, they leap into action, extracting water, meticulously drying affected areas, and orchestrating a restoration that brings your space back to its pre-damage magnificence. The result? A secure, habitable haven for you and your cherished ones.

We provide both plumbing repairs and water damage services!

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In the event of a plumbing emergency, it is imperative to act promptly. Contact Providence Plumbing without delay at (704) 741-3857. Our dedicated team is at your service around the clock, prepared to provide swift and dependable solutions to address all your plumbing concerns. Please rest assured that your comfort and peace of mind remain our paramount objectives, and we are here to guarantee the restoration of your plumbing system in a timely manner.