Friday 15 April 2022

How Do Warmer Temperatures Impact Your Plumbing?

Posted by at 3:38 AM

Everyone hears about the risks associated with cold weather and the plumbing in someone’s home. But did you know that the warm weather in your area can also affect how your home’s plumbing systems perform?

The metal pipes in your home will expand with the onset of warmer temperatures in the environment they are in. Even though this expansion is extremely small, it can cause issues with your piping and plumbing during the summer months.

This small expansion can cause minor (or in some cases, major) leaks in your home. Keeping a close eye on the metal pipes around your home that are visible will help you to catch this problem before it causes more damage around your home. If you suspect a leak from expanding metal pipes, it is best to call a professional to assess the situation and come up with a solution to resolve the issue.

During the warmer summer months, the soil around the base of your house will shift and expand with increased moisture and warmth. In severe cases, this can cause your home’s foundation to shift with the ground it was built on.

This can also be an issue for the plumbing in your home. This shift, although small, can disrupt the flow of your plumbing in your home, causing backups, leaks, or breaks in the pipes that carry your home’s plumbing.

A great place to look for these issues arising is in your basement or crawl space. Periodically during the summer, it is important to go into your home’s lowest level and inspect. Is there any moisture you had never seen before? Are there any cracks in your ceilings, walls, or floors that weren’t here before? This could be a sign that your foundation has shifted in the summer months. It is best to call a professional to see what you can do to protect your home from further damage caused by the changing temperatures.

One way to avoid any of these issues with changing temperatures is to consistently keep the interior of your house a regular temperature. This will help you avoid even larger swings in temperatures inside your home and further protect your plumbing from falling victim to too much expansion.

When it comes to protecting your home and ensuring your plumbing is running smoothly, trust the experts. Contact our team today to see how we can get your home ready for summer and make sure no plumbing issues arise.